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We bring technology to meet the future!

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Global Engineering

With engineering around the globe, KSR can provide 24-hour support for our customers.

With in-house testing capabilities and an experienced, customer-based engineering team, KSR holds over 50 US patents and counting.

KSR Global Technologies for the future:

  • Advanced composite materials (lightweight alternative)
  • Crash safety systems
  • Haptics
  • Systems for autonomous vehicles
  • Adaptable sensing technology
  • E-Systems with sense and force emulation

If we don’t already make it, let’s invent it together.

We Are Your
Partner In Innovation

KSR engineers are continually working with new materials and technologies that provide our OEMs with sustainable and cost-effective performance. It’s just part of what has made us an industry leader in automotive driver interface systems.

We Are Your Global Technology Solutions Provider

Our innovative pedal control systems use our proprietary and patented non-contacting sensor technology, which is robust and flexible while meeting customer requirements in the most complex environments.