KSR is pioneering the landscape for driver interface systems from development to production. With an extensive catalog of pedal solutions and locations around the world, KSR doesn’t just provide solutions for all your pedal needs–we work with you to solve your challenges. KSR is your one global source.

ETC (Accelerator Pedals)

  • Dash Mount (Hanging)
  • Floor Mount

Brake Pedals and Pedal Modules

  • Stand-Alone Brake Pedals
  • Modules Including Brake, Accelerator, and Clutch
  • Adjustable Pedals
  • Retractable Pedals
  • Pedal Release Systems for Crash Safety
  • E-Brake Pedal (Brake-By-Wire)
  • Variable Ratio Pedals

Clutch Pedals

  • Stand-Alone Clutch Pedals
  • Clutch with 2 and 3 Pedal Configurations
  • E-Clutch Pedal (Clutch-By-Wire)